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Local RF Users
CallsignLast TX onDate-Time
KE0TMDW0QEY B2018-12-12 18:25:58 MST
N0HAPW0QEY B2018-12-12 17:40:05 MST
AA0RXW0QEY B2018-12-12 17:18:41 MST
K0OJW0QEY B2018-12-12 16:06:38 MST
NW7NW0QEY B2018-12-12 06:11:18 MST

Remote Users
CallsignLast TX onSourceDate-Time
N0KMOW0QEY BXRF720 C2018-12-12 19:41:55 MST
K4AENW0QEY BREF030 C2018-12-12 17:40:02 MST
AA3DPW0QEY BREF030 C2018-12-12 17:39:49 MST
NJ6NW0QEY BREF030 C2018-12-12 17:38:13 MST
WD8OHAW0QEY BREF030 C2018-12-12 17:35:59 MST
N3OPW0QEY BREF030 C2018-12-12 17:35:34 MST
W5QCPW0QEY BREF030 C2018-12-12 17:34:35 MST
M6FWVW0QEY BREF030 C2018-12-12 17:32:16 MST
KD2KMPW0QEY BREF030 C2018-12-12 17:32:01 MST
VA7AHHW0QEY BREF030 C2018-12-12 17:31:13 MST
KN4GAMW0QEY BREF030 C2018-12-12 17:30:45 MST
VE3ODRW0QEY BREF030 C2018-12-12 17:27:52 MST
G4SCYW0QEY BREF030 C2018-12-12 17:26:40 MST
KE2SJW0QEY BREF030 C2018-12-12 17:23:05 MST
N4SJWW0QEY BXRF720 C2018-12-12 17:08:42 MST
W0RBFW0QEY BXRF720 C2018-12-12 17:04:58 MST
N8EODW0QEY BREF001 C2018-12-12 16:54:39 MST
PY2GABW0QEY BREF001 C2018-12-12 16:53:39 MST
2E0PSVW0QEY BREF001 C2018-12-12 16:49:10 MST
KF4ZUNW0QEY BREF001 C2018-12-12 16:48:55 MST
G3VSHW0QEY BREF001 C2018-12-12 16:44:47 MST
ZL1DAMW0QEY BREF001 C2018-12-12 16:43:25 MST
K9VXRW0QEY BREF001 C2018-12-12 16:40:14 MST
G4HFG HW0QEY BREF001 C2018-12-12 16:38:54 MST
KA0BBQW0QEY BXRF720 C2018-12-12 14:32:58 MST
N0KEGW0QEY BXRF720 C2018-12-12 12:46:33 MST
KE5SOW0QEY BXRF720 C2018-12-12 11:54:36 MST

Status as of Wednesday, 2018-12-12 20:00:02 MST
Server Uptime: 358 days, 14 hours and 1 minute